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Welcome to our Medicine and Health section. Calconi has specialised in the creation of professional online calculators on the topic of medicine and health.

The medical calculators are intended to help people who are looking for information on specialised medical topics. The respective calculators are never a replacement for a personal visit to a doctor or an appropriate medical expert. We are also always happy to receive suggestions for calculators that you'd like to see for topics in the medical field. Please send your comments and we'll work on developing these calculators.

The following list contains all of our medical calculators. Have fun!

Learn about 9 calculators from the section 'Medicine & Health'

  • BAC Calculator

    Blood Alcohol CalculatorCalculation of the Blood alcohol concentration based on height, weight and gender. After conveniently entering the drinks consumed, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is calculated according to the current state of science. In addition, there is a comprehensive explanation of the individual calculation steps and detailed information on the applicable blood alcohol limits in road traffic.
  • BMI Calculator from the category Body Mass Index

    Body Mass Index (BMI)What is the Body Mass Index? What is my BMI? What does my BMI say? When is the BMI too high? All questions about the BMI and the calculation are clarified here.
  • BMI Calculator for Children

    Body Mass Index Children (BMI)What is the Body Mass Index for children and adolescents? What is my child's BMI? What does the BMI say? When is the BMI too high? All questions about the BMI, especially for children and adolescents, and the calculation are clarified here.
  • Calorie Calculator from the category Calorie requirement

    Calorie calculatorThe calorie calculator calculates your daily calorie consumption or calorie requirement. The result of the calorie calculation shows, among other things, the composition of your calorie consumption from basal metabolic rate and active metabolic rate and takes numerous factors into account when calculating calories.
  • Calorie Requirement Calculator from the category Calorie requirement

    Calorie requirement calculatorWhat is the daily calorie requirement? Are there differences between men and women? How high is the daily calorie requirement? The most important questions are answered. With the calorie requirement calculator, you can determine your individual basal metabolic rate and active metabolic rate.
  • Due Date Calculator

    Calculate Due dateDetermine the expected date of birth based on the first day of the last period and the average duration of the cycle with the Due Date Calculator. The output of numerous other data, such as fertilization date, dates for the developmental phases of the child or also the start of maternity leave, make the calculator a comprehensive information medium for parents-to-be.
  • Ovulation Calculator

    Calculate ovulationEverything you need to know about ovulation and fertile days. With the help of the ovulation calculator, you can calculate the date of your ovulation and your fertile days. The ovulation calendar in the calculator result shows you the ovulation dates for the next twelve months based on the date of your last menstruation and the duration of your cycle.
  • Pregnancy Calculator from the category Week of pregnancy

    Pregnancy calculatorCalculate the week of pregnancy, date of birth and much more with the pregnancy calculator. The pregnancy calculator uses the date of the beginning of your last menstruation and the length of your cycle to calculate the week of pregnancy, the date of birth, the start of the maternity protection period and much more about your pregnancy and the development of your child.
  • Pregnancy Week Calculator

    Calculate Pregnancy WeekCalculate your current week of pregnancy (PW). You will receive differentiated information about how many weeks and days you have already completed and in which fourth week you are. A pregnancy calendar with numerous dates from the fertilization date to the calculated date of birth round off the calculator in terms of content.