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Here you can convert the Volume unit US Teaspoon into the unit US Fluid Ounce and vice versa you can convert US Fluid Ounce into US Teaspoon. By clicking the "Swap units" icon, you will always obtain the desired conversion in the calculation result, i.e., US tsp. to US fl.oz. or US fl.oz. to US tsp.. With the following calculator you can also calculate any other Volume unit.


Info about "US Teaspoon"

The teaspoon is a popular unit of volume in the Anglo-American world. The US teaspoon differs from the British or imperial teaspoon. The US teaspoon is equivalent to around 4.9 milliliters.

3 US Teaspoon = 1 US Tablespoon

In North American cuisine in particular, the sizes of measuring spoons, and thus of teaspoons and measuring cups, among other things, are precisely defined. In countries with metric units of volume, on the other hand, the specification of teaspoons in recipes only provides approximate information about the quantities required.

Info about "US Fluid Ounce"

In addition to the ounce as a unit of weight, there is also the so-called "fluid ounce". The fluid ounce as a unit of volume is still frequently used in pharmacies in the Anglo-American region, for example. The US fluid ounce corresponds to just under 30 milliliters.

8 US fluid ounces = 1 US cup

A distinction is made between the British Imperial fluid ounce and the US fluid ounce, which is part of the United States customary units.

In America, for example, beer cans and other beverages have a capacity of 12 fl.oz., which is equivalent to 0.3549 liters.

Basis for conversion US Teaspoon (US tsp.) to US Fluid Ounce (US fl.oz.) and vice versa

The abbreviation for the "Volume unit US Teaspoon" is US tsp.. The abbreviation for the "Volume unit US Fluid Ounce" is US fl.oz..

Formula for the conversion of US Teaspoon (US tsp.) to US Fluid Ounce (US fl.oz.) and vice versa

The calculation from US Teaspoon to US Fluid Ounce shall be made using the following conversion formula:

 Conversion formula US Teaspoon to US Fluid Ounce 

Determine the number of US Fluid Ounce from US Teaspoon

US Teaspoon × 0.16666666666667

Formula for the conversion of US Fluid Ounce (US fl.oz.) to US Teaspoon (US tsp.)

The calculation from US Fluid Ounce to US Teaspoon shall be made using the following conversion formula:

 Conversion formula US Fluid Ounce to US Teaspoon 

Determine the number of US Teaspoon from US Fluid Ounce

US Fluid Ounce × 6

Overview table : How many US Teaspoon are in a US Fluid Ounce ?

US Teaspoon US tsp. ⇒ US Fluid Ounce US fl.oz.
0.01 US tsp.  are  0.00166 US fl.oz.
0.02 US tsp.  are  0.00333 US fl.oz.
0.03 US tsp.  are  0.00500 US fl.oz.
0.04 US tsp.  are  0.00666 US fl.oz.
0.05 US tsp.  are  0.00833 US fl.oz.
0.06 US tsp.  are  0.01000 US fl.oz.
0.07 US tsp.  are  0.01166 US fl.oz.
0.08 US tsp.  are  0.01333 US fl.oz.
0.09 US tsp.  are  0.01500 US fl.oz.
0.10 US tsp.  are  0.01666 US fl.oz.
0.20 US tsp.  are  0.03333 US fl.oz.
0.30 US tsp.  are  0.05000 US fl.oz.
0.40 US tsp.  are  0.06666 US fl.oz.
0.50 US tsp.  are  0.08333 US fl.oz.
0.60 US tsp.  are  0.10000 US fl.oz.
0.70 US tsp.  are  0.11666 US fl.oz.
0.80 US tsp.  are  0.13333 US fl.oz.
0.90 US tsp.  are  0.15000 US fl.oz.
1 US tsp.  corresponds to  0.16666 US fl.oz.
2 US tsp.  are  0.33333 US fl.oz.
3 US tsp.  are  0.50000 US fl.oz.
4 US tsp.  are  0.66666 US fl.oz.
5 US tsp.  are  0.83333 US fl.oz.
6 US tsp.  are  1 US fl.oz.
7 US tsp.  are  1.16666 US fl.oz.
8 US tsp.  are  1.33333 US fl.oz.
9 US tsp.  are  1.50000 US fl.oz.
10 US tsp.  are  1.66666 US fl.oz.
20 US tsp.  are  3.33333 US fl.oz.
30 US tsp.  are  5 US fl.oz.
40 US tsp.  are  6.66666 US fl.oz.
50 US tsp.  are  8.33333 US fl.oz.
60 US tsp.  are  10 US fl.oz.
70 US tsp.  are  11.66666 US fl.oz.
80 US tsp.  are  13.33333 US fl.oz.
90 US tsp.  are  15 US fl.oz.
100 US tsp.  are  16.66666 US fl.oz.
200 US tsp.  are  33.33333 US fl.oz.
300 US tsp.  are  50 US fl.oz.
400 US tsp.  are  66.66666 US fl.oz.
500 US tsp.  are  83.33333 US fl.oz.
600 US tsp.  are  100 US fl.oz.
700 US tsp.  are  116.66666 US fl.oz.
800 US tsp.  are  133.33333 US fl.oz.
900 US tsp.  are  150 US fl.oz.
1 000 US tsp.  are  166.66666 US fl.oz.

Overview table : How many US Fluid Ounce are in a US Teaspoon ?

US Fluid Ounce US fl.oz. ⇒ US Teaspoon US tsp.
0.01 US fl.oz.  are  0.06000 US tsp.
0.02 US fl.oz.  are  0.12000 US tsp.
0.03 US fl.oz.  are  0.18000 US tsp.
0.04 US fl.oz.  are  0.24000 US tsp.
0.05 US fl.oz.  are  0.30000 US tsp.
0.06 US fl.oz.  are  0.36000 US tsp.
0.07 US fl.oz.  are  0.42000 US tsp.
0.08 US fl.oz.  are  0.48000 US tsp.
0.09 US fl.oz.  are  0.54000 US tsp.
0.10 US fl.oz.  are  0.60000 US tsp.
0.20 US fl.oz.  are  1.20000 US tsp.
0.30 US fl.oz.  are  1.80000 US tsp.
0.40 US fl.oz.  are  2.40000 US tsp.
0.50 US fl.oz.  are  3 US tsp.
0.60 US fl.oz.  are  3.60000 US tsp.
0.70 US fl.oz.  are  4.20000 US tsp.
0.80 US fl.oz.  are  4.80000 US tsp.
0.90 US fl.oz.  are  5.40000 US tsp.
1 US fl.oz.  corresponds to  6 US tsp.
2 US fl.oz.  are  12 US tsp.
3 US fl.oz.  are  18 US tsp.
4 US fl.oz.  are  24 US tsp.
5 US fl.oz.  are  30 US tsp.
6 US fl.oz.  are  36 US tsp.
7 US fl.oz.  are  42 US tsp.
8 US fl.oz.  are  48 US tsp.
9 US fl.oz.  are  54 US tsp.
10 US fl.oz.  are  60 US tsp.
20 US fl.oz.  are  120 US tsp.
30 US fl.oz.  are  180 US tsp.
40 US fl.oz.  are  240 US tsp.
50 US fl.oz.  are  300 US tsp.
60 US fl.oz.  are  360 US tsp.
70 US fl.oz.  are  420 US tsp.
80 US fl.oz.  are  480 US tsp.
90 US fl.oz.  are  540 US tsp.
100 US fl.oz.  are  600 US tsp.
200 US fl.oz.  are  1 200 US tsp.
300 US fl.oz.  are  1 800 US tsp.
400 US fl.oz.  are  2 400 US tsp.
500 US fl.oz.  are  3 000 US tsp.
600 US fl.oz.  are  3 600 US tsp.
700 US fl.oz.  are  4 200 US tsp.
800 US fl.oz.  are  4 800 US tsp.
900 US fl.oz.  are  5 400 US tsp.
1 000 US fl.oz.  are  6 000 US tsp.

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