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Here you can convert the Time unit Hour into the unit Minute and vice versa you can convert Minute into Hour. By clicking the "Swap units" icon, you will always obtain the desired conversion in the calculation result, i.e., h to min or min to h. With the following calculator you can also calculate any other Time unit.

Info about "Hour"

The hour (h) (Latin: hora) is not part of the International SI System of Units, but it is permitted for use with the SI. The hour is derived from the base unit second. This makes it a legal unit of measurement.

Here, 1 hour is equal to 3,600 seconds or 1 second is equal to 0.00027778 hours (3,600ths).

For thousands of years—before the hour was officially defined as 3,600 times a second—it was considered the 24th part of a day. But how did the day originally change to a division of the day into 24 hours? In ancient Egypt, sundials were used to divide the day into 24 hours based on the common system (duodecimal system) at the time. The twelve-unit system may have originated historically from the fact that one individual finger links (three links per finger without thumb) were used for counting. Of course, sundials could not be used at night, so the Egyptians used the course of 12 stars to divide the night into 12-time units. This means that even today, the day still has 24 hours.

The hour was only reverted to the basic unit of the second in the middle of the 20th century after it was established and the astronomical day or one revolution of the Earth, was becoming shorter and shorter, albeit only minimally. At the same time, quartz clocks were able to measure time more accurately, making the second the basic unit. To synchronise the present accurate atomic clocks with the duration of the earth's rotation, a leap second had to be inserted every 2 to 5 years for one hour to make 3,601 seconds.

Info about "Minute"

The minute (min) is not part of the SI International System of Units, but it is approved for use with the SI. The minute is derived from the base unit second. This makes it a legal unit of measurement.

Therefore, 1 minute equals 60 seconds, or 1 second equals 0.0166667 minutes.

After the day had already been divided into 24 units in ancient Egypt, Greek astronomers began 2000 years to divide each of these 24 units into 60 units using the Babylonian sexagesimal system. These 60 units were known as the "diminished part" (Latin: pars minuta), and this led to the term called “minute”. The “minutes” were again subdivided into 60 subunits (i.e., a "second diminished part" (Latin: pars minuta secunda), which in turn is termed "second". Therefore, the minute was defined astronomically as one-60th of an hour, and thus as one-60th of one-24th of a day.

It is now known that the earth's rotation slightly slows down, so the astronomical days always become minimally longer. The basic unit of time (the second) is now measured by atomic clocks, which are more accurate than the astronomical day. Therefore, a leap second must be added every 2 to 5 years in order to synchronise the atomic clocks with the earth's rotation again. As a result, a calendar minute then lasts 61 seconds.

Basis for conversion Hour (h) to Minute (min) and vice versa

The abbreviation for the "Time unit Hour" is h. The abbreviation for the "Time unit Minute" is min.

Formula for the conversion of Hour (h) to Minute (min) and vice versa

The calculation from Hour to Minute shall be made using the following conversion formula:

 Conversion formula Hour to Minute 

Determine the number of Minute from Hour

Hour × 60

Formula for the conversion of Minute (min) to Hour (h)

The calculation from Minute to Hour shall be made using the following conversion formula:

 Conversion formula Minute to Hour 

Determine the number of Hour from Minute

Minute × 0.01666666666668

Overview table : How many Hour are in a Minute ?

Hour h ⇒ Minute min
0.01 h  are  0.60000 min
0.02 h  are  1.20000 min
0.03 h  are  1.80000 min
0.04 h  are  2.40000 min
0.05 h  are  3 min
0.06 h  are  3.60000 min
0.07 h  are  4.20000 min
0.08 h  are  4.80000 min
0.09 h  are  5.40000 min
0.10 h  are  6 min
0.20 h  are  12 min
0.30 h  are  18 min
0.40 h  are  24 min
0.50 h  are  30 min
0.60 h  are  36 min
0.70 h  are  42 min
0.80 h  are  48 min
0.90 h  are  54 min
1 h  corresponds to  60 min
2 h  are  120 min
3 h  are  180 min
4 h  are  240 min
5 h  are  300 min
6 h  are  360 min
7 h  are  420 min
8 h  are  480 min
9 h  are  540 min
10 h  are  600 min
20 h  are  1 200 min
30 h  are  1 800 min
40 h  are  2 400 min
50 h  are  3 000 min
60 h  are  3 600 min
70 h  are  4 200 min
80 h  are  4 800 min
90 h  are  5 400 min
100 h  are  6 000 min
200 h  are  12 000 min
300 h  are  18 000 min
400 h  are  24 000 min
500 h  are  30 000 min
600 h  are  36 000 min
700 h  are  42 000 min
800 h  are  48 000 min
900 h  are  54 000 min
1 000 h  are  60 000 min

Overview table : How many Minute are in a Hour ?

Minute min ⇒ Hour h
0.01 min  are  0.00016 h
0.02 min  are  0.00033 h
0.03 min  are  0.00050 h
0.04 min  are  0.00066 h
0.05 min  are  0.00083 h
0.06 min  are  0.00100 h
0.07 min  are  0.00116 h
0.08 min  are  0.00133 h
0.09 min  are  0.00150 h
0.10 min  are  0.00166 h
0.20 min  are  0.00333 h
0.30 min  are  0.00500 h
0.40 min  are  0.00666 h
0.50 min  are  0.00833 h
0.60 min  are  0.01000 h
0.70 min  are  0.01166 h
0.80 min  are  0.01333 h
0.90 min  are  0.01500 h
1 min  corresponds to  0.01666 h
2 min  are  0.03333 h
3 min  are  0.05000 h
4 min  are  0.06666 h
5 min  are  0.08333 h
6 min  are  0.10000 h
7 min  are  0.11666 h
8 min  are  0.13333 h
9 min  are  0.15000 h
10 min  are  0.16666 h
20 min  are  0.33333 h
30 min  are  0.50000 h
40 min  are  0.66666 h
50 min  are  0.83333 h
60 min  are  1 h
70 min  are  1.16666 h
80 min  are  1.33333 h
90 min  are  1.50000 h
100 min  are  1.66666 h
200 min  are  3.33333 h
300 min  are  5 h
400 min  are  6.66666 h
500 min  are  8.33333 h
600 min  are  10 h
700 min  are  11.66666 h
800 min  are  13.33333 h
900 min  are  15 h
1 000 min  are  16.66666 h

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