Week 19 2024

Week 19 2024
Week Number 19 in 2024

Week Numbers ﹣ Week 19 2024

Week Number 19 of the next year 2024 is defined as follows.

European and Asian calculation

Mainly in Europe and Asia, the international ISO 8601 definition is used for counting calendar weeks:

Monday, May 6, 2024 – Sunday, May 12, 2024

ISO: 2024‑W19
Week Number 2024

American calculation

In the USA, Canada and most Latin American countries, Australia, Japan, Israel, South Korea and others, the following definition of Week 19 applies:

Week Number 19/2024

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Saturday, May 11, 2024


The date of the calendar Week  19 and other years

The following table provides an overview of the calendar Week 19 for each year. The beginning of the calendar Week 19 and its end are shown according to the two most commonly used definitions of calendar weeks worldwide. The first is the international ISO standard for Week 19, referred to here as the "European" calculation method. It is mainly used in Europe and Asia. On the other hand, the "American" calculation method for weeks is listed, which is mainly used in North and South America, Australia and Japan.

Week Number 19
Year Calculation
Start of Week 19End of Week 19ISO Name
2021 European Monday, May 10, 2021Sunday, May 16, 20212021‑W19
American Sunday, May 2, 2021Saturday, May 8, 2021-
2022 European Monday, May 9, 2022Sunday, May 15, 20222022‑W19
American Sunday, May 1, 2022Saturday, May 7, 2022-
2023 European Monday, May 8, 2023Sunday, May 14, 20232023‑W19
American Sunday, May 7, 2023Saturday, May 13, 2023-
2024 European Monday, May 6, 2024Sunday, May 12, 20242024‑W19
American Sunday, May 5, 2024Saturday, May 11, 2024-
2025 European Monday, May 5, 2025Sunday, May 11, 20252025‑W19
American Sunday, May 4, 2025Saturday, May 10, 2025-
2026 European Monday, May 4, 2026Sunday, May 10, 20262026‑W19
American Sunday, May 3, 2026Saturday, May 9, 2026-
2027 European Monday, May 10, 2027Sunday, May 16, 20272027‑W19
American Sunday, May 2, 2027Saturday, May 8, 2027-

Determine Week 19 or other calendar weeks in the calculator

In the Calendar Week Calculator, the entry for the European ISO calendar Week 19 is preset. Of course, you can also enter other values here to determine the date of the beginning of the week or the end of the week.

Calendar Week Calculator for other years

For calendar years further back or in the future, you will find the beginning and end of the corresponding calendar week in the Calendar Week Calculator.


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