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Calorie Requirement Calculator

With the calorie requirement calculator, you can enter your height, weight, sex and age as well as your daily activity level to calculate your total metabolic rate in calories.

Calculate your daily calorie consumption with the calorie calculator. The calorie consumption is calculated on the basis of the sum of your basal and active metabolic rate. The basal metabolic rate refers to the calories you consume daily without any exercise. The active metabolic rate refers the number of additional calories consumed through work and leisure activities.

How the calorie calculator works

The basal metabolic rate is calculated by the calorie calculator according to the proven Harris-Benedict equation. The calculator takes into account a high BMI using the Broca Index adjustment. The calorie calculator calculates the energy conversion rate using five different PAL factors ("physical activity level"). In addition, intensive physical activity is taken into account in the calorie calculation.

Note on the calorie calculator

Please note that the calorie calculator is similar to our calorie requirement calculator. We have also listed it here as a calorie calculator to make it easier for you to find our calculators from the Medicine and Health section on the Internet.

In addition to the calorie calculator, you might also be interested in our specialised calculators, such as the BMI calculator and the calories to joules converter.

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