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The exchange rate calculator displays the euro exchange rates of the European Central Bank (ECB), which are updated and published at 3 p.m. (GMT) on every business day. These rates are based on the regular reconciliation procedure between central banks in Europe and worldwide at 1:15 p.m. (GMT). Using the foreign exchange calculator, you can convert any amount of money using the current exchange rates of many different currencies.


More information on foreign exchange and the foreign exchange converter

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User guide for converting foreign currencies

Enter the amount to be converted in the currency converter and select the currency from and to which this amount is to be converted. You can use the reverse button to exchange the respective currencies. For example, instead of converting EUR into USD, the given amount is then converted from U.S. dollars into Euros. Additional useful information is hidden behind the question and exclamation marks in the currency calculator.

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Current currency table based on ECB's euro reference rates

The following table shows you the equivalent values of the currencies of some English-speaking countries based on the daily Euro reference rates published by the European Central Bank (ECB) on each business day (as of Jan 27, 2023).

Currency / Foreign exchange International abbreviation Value in
Australian Dollar (AUD) British Pound (GBP) Indian Rupee (INR) New Zealand Dollar (NZD) U.S. Dollar (USD) South African Rand (ZAR)
Australian Dollar (AUD) AUD 1.0000 0.5748 57.9973 1.0961 0.7106 12.2431
Brazilian Real (BRL) BRL 0.2775 0.1595 16.0918 0.3041 0.1972 3.3969
British Pound (GBP) GBP 1.7397 1.0000 100.8955 1.9069 1.2363 21.2989
Bulgarian Lew (BGN) BGN 0.7817 0.4494 45.3380 0.8569 0.5555 9.5708
Canadian Dollar (CAD) CAD 1.0559 0.6070 61.2418 1.1575 0.7504 12.9280
Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY) CNY 0.2075 0.1193 12.0331 0.2274 0.1474 2.5402
Czech Crown (CZK) CZK 0.0642 0.0369 3.7216 0.0703 0.0456 0.7856
Danish Crown (DKK) DKK 0.2056 0.1182 11.9218 0.2253 0.1461 2.5167
Euro (EUR) EUR 1.5289 0.8789 88.6720 1.6759 1.0865 18.7185
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) HKD 0.1797 0.1033 10.4245 0.1970 0.1277 2.2006
Hungarian Forint (HUF) HUF 0.0039 0.0023 0.2280 0.0043 0.0028 0.0481
Icelandic Crown (ISK) ISK 0.0099 0.0057 0.5724 0.0108 0.0070 0.1208
Indian Rupee (INR) INR 0.0172 0.0099 1.0000 0.0189 0.0123 0.2111
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) IDR 0.0001 0.0001 0.0054 0.0001 0.0001 0.0011
Israeli Shekel (ILS) ILS 0.4093 0.2353 23.7389 0.4487 0.2909 5.0112
Japanese Yen (JPY) JPY 0.0108 0.0062 0.6284 0.0119 0.0077 0.1327
Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) MYR 0.3315 0.1906 19.2280 0.3634 0.2356 4.0590
Mexican Peso (MXN) MXN 0.0751 0.0431 4.3535 0.0823 0.0533 0.9190
New Zealand Dollar (NZD) NZD 0.9123 0.5244 52.9101 1.0000 0.6483 11.1692
Norwegian Crown (NOK) NOK 0.1421 0.0817 8.2409 0.1558 0.1010 1.7396
Philippine Peso (PHP) PHP 0.0258 0.0148 1.4982 0.0283 0.0184 0.3163
Polish Zloty (PLN) PLN 0.3247 0.1867 18.8323 0.3559 0.2308 3.9755
Romanian Leu (RON) RON 0.3122 0.1795 18.1093 0.3423 0.2219 3.8228
Singapore Dollar (SGD) SGD 1.0709 0.6156 62.1083 1.1738 0.7610 13.1109
South African Rand (ZAR) ZAR 0.0817 0.0470 4.7371 0.0895 0.0580 1.0000
South Korean Won (KRW) KRW 0.0011 0.0007 0.0661 0.0012 0.0008 0.0140
Swedish Crown (SEK) SEK 0.1364 0.0784 7.9095 0.1495 0.0969 1.6697
Swiss Franc (CHF) CHF 1.5263 0.8774 88.5215 1.6731 1.0847 18.6867
Thai Baht (THB) THB 0.0428 0.0246 2.4837 0.0469 0.0304 0.5243
Turkish Lira (TRY) TRY 0.0748 0.0430 4.3389 0.0820 0.0532 0.9159
U.S. Dollar (USD) USD 1.4072 0.8089 81.6125 1.5425 1.0000 17.2283
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General information on the exchange rate

The exchange rate is the official exchange rate of two currencies (foreign exchange). Each foreign currency has a specific exchange rate. The most important foreign currencies are usually traded on the respective foreign exchange markets and officially quoted on the foreign exchange exchanges. The exchange rates are normally available for all foreign currencies. However, the exchange rates of two other currencies can be used to calculate them. The U.S. Dollar or Euro is then usually considered to be the lead currency or vehicle currency.

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Price and Quantity Quotation

In order to express the interrelation between two currencies, price quotation (the price per unit of a foreign currency expressed in euros) and quantity quotation (the price per euro expressed in units of foreign currency) are differentiated. Price quotation is now used consistently across the EU. The exchange rate is always shown as the quantity of foreign currency exchanged for one euro.

Example price quotation 0,914 Euro = 1 U.S. Dollar
Example quantity quotation1,0944 U.S. Dollar = 1 Euro
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Upgrading und downgrading of the exchange rate

If the exchange rate changes, i.e. the price used to exchange two currencies is called the upgrading or downgrading of the respective currency. For example, this can be caused by massive buying or selling of currencies by central banks in order to regulate the currencies accordingly. This may be necessary, to avoid growth differences between countries. This may be necessary to avoid growth differences between countries, for example, the political stability, interest rate levels, inflation or foreign trade problems of these countries. The foreign exchange can also be devalued or revalued as a result of speculative transactions of international investors

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Exchange rates are based on different quotations used in the currency calculator

Exchange rates of currencies are usually obtained from the foreign exchange market and they are not consistent:

  • The exchange rate quoted as the buying rate will be the (lower) buying rate of banks and forex traders.
  • The exchange rate as offered price is the (higher) selling rate.
  • The average exchange rate between the two is referred as the middle rate.
  • The difference between the buying and selling rate is called the spread.

Also, the exchange rate may fluctuate based on the transaction on the foreign exchange spot market or forward market. The exchange rates for foreign currencies (banknotes and coins) also tend to deviate significantly from the exchange rates due to higher transaction prices.

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Quotations for the Euro reference rate of the ECB

As mentioned above, at 14:15 each business day, the euro reference rate is determined by a voting procedure between national and international central banks. The price quotation is then fixed at a specific time of day, unlike the continuous quotations on the foreign exchange markets.

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