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With the Discount Calculator, you can calculate your discounts here. Simply calculate the reduced price by entering the discount. You can also calculate the discount received in percent if you know the reduced price. This way, you can easily calculate the discounts offered by iTunes, Amazon and Co.

The most important topics on the Discount Calculator

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General Information About the Discount

A discount is a common marketing tool used to entice customers to make a purchase. A certain percentage of the purchase price is deducted to reduce the final price. There are several reasons why companies offer discounts. On the one hand, they can react to sluggish sales and boost them. On the other hand, discounts can also be used to reduce excess stocks or create space for new products. For customers, discounts often offer an attractive opportunity to save money and get a bargain. However, they should be careful not to fall into a discount trap and be blinded by supposedly cheap offers. Similar to the discount is the cash discount, which you can combine right here with the Cash Discount Calculator.

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Input Help for the Discount Calculator

Below you will find information on the individual input fields of the discount calculator.

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What should be calculated?

Discount Calculator Please select which of the following three values should be calculated. In each case, you can choose whether the discount should be included in the calculation in percent or in euros.

  • Reduced price: If you want to calculate the reduced price, you can enter the regular price and the discount.
  • Discount: You can calculate the discount if you know the regular price and the discounted price.
  • Regular price: You can also calculate the regular price if you know the reduced price and the discount.
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Regular price

Discount Calculator: Regular price Please enter the regular price. The regular price is the price before the discount is taking into account.

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Discount Calculator: Discount Please enter the discount. On the one hand, you can enter the discount as a percentage by which the regular price is reduced. On the other hand, you can enter the discount in Euro by which the regular price is reduced.

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Reduced price

Discount Calculator: Reduced price Please indicate the reduced price. The reduced price, also known as the discounted price, is the price after deduction of the discount.

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