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  • Area Converter

    Convert areasOur area converter allows you to convert all common international area units. After entering the corresponding area, you can simply convert the corresponding value into any other unit. The most popular conversions are certainly hectare to square metre, square kilometre to square mile, square metre to square centimetre or square inch to square centimetre.
  • Circle Calculator

    Calculate circleHere everything revolves around the circle: definitions, formulas and calculations for the radius, the diameter, the circumference and the area of the circle with different size units and much more round off the topic. With the help of the circle calculation calculator, you can calculate the most important circle properties, i.e. radius, diameter, circumference and area of a circle.
  • Fraction Calculator

    FractionsWhat is a fraction? What are numerator and denominator? Why are there real and improper fractions? What are mixed fractions? How do you add fractions? How do you multiply or divide fractions? You can find the answers to these questions and many examples of fractions in the fractions topic.
  • Online Calculator

    CalculatorThe simple version of our calculator offers a simple online calculator. The scientific calculator offers all common calculation methods.
  • Roman Date Calculator

    Roman numerals DateThe calculator 'Calculate Roman Date' converts any date into Roman numerals. The day, month and year of a date are translated step by step into individual Roman numerals and then reassembled into a date in Roman numerals.
  • Roman Numerals

    Roman NumeralsIn the section 'Roman Numerals' you will find all the information about Roman numerals. Above all, the rules for Roman numerals, as they are taught in mathematics lessons today, are comprehensively described here. Other historical rules and descriptions round off the section. With the help of the Roman numeral converter, you can convert any Roman numeral into a decimal number. You can also translate any decimal number into a Roman number the other way round.
  • Triangle Calculator

    Calculate TriangleEverything about the triangle and its calculation: definitions, formulas and calculations for the area, side lengths, perimeter, angles and heights of the triangle. The triangle calculator calculates all these properties using just a few necessary specifications. All values of the calculated triangle and the triangle thus constructed are displayed in the result of the triangle calculator.
  • Volume Converter

    Convert volume or volumesOur volume converter allows you to convert common international volumes, i.e. room measurements. After entering the corresponding volume (room measure), you can convert this value into any other unit. The most popular conversions are certainly gallon to litre, barrel to cubic metre or also the conversion from pint to litre.