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Convert 17 Inches to CM - for Laptops and Monitors

Units of length ﹣ 17 inches in cm

For many years, the standard office monitor had a size of 17 inches. This size was optimal for a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. For normal office applications and surfing the Internet, this was perfectly adequate. But this small monitor size is no longer keeping up with the times; most people today opt for larger models when it comes to monitors. It's a bit different with laptops. Often, the compactness of the device is more important than the optimal screen size. But now we want to shed some light on the matter and show what dimensions in centimeters a 17-inch screen really has. First, the most important information:

17 inches in cm is exactly 43.18 cm

Feel free to use our online calculator to compare other screen sizes and make your purchase decision:

17-inch monitors or laptops: What are the real dimensions?

We have now learnt that the screen diagonal for 17-inch devices is 43.18 centimeters. Does this device meet your expectations or fit well in your workplace? You need the actual height and width of the screen. Important: We assume a 16:9 screen here, in which case the devices usually have a 17.3-inch screen diagonal. The concrete dimensions are:

Width: 38.3 cm
Height: 21.5 cm
Diagonal: 43.9 cm (17.3 Inches)

Laptop sizes

Laptop sizes in comparison

Use our size chart above to compare the individual laptop sizes. We have the listed screen dimensions of laptops with screen diagonals of 15.6", 16", 17.3", 18.4", 19" and 20.1". We have also given the respective screen height and width in centimeters. If you multiply these two values, you get the available screen area in square centimeters (cm²). For example, the 17.3-inch monitor has an area of 38.3 cm × 21.5 cm = 823.45 cm², while the largest screen shown here already has an area of about 1,101 cm².

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