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10 Inches in cm for Tablets

Units of length ﹣ 10 Inches in cm

The screen size of tablets is always specified in inches. This size defines the screen diagonal of a tablet. The screen diagonal is the distance between one corner of the screen and the diagonally opposite visible corner of the tablet. Outside the English-speaking world, meters and centimeters are used to measure distance. One inch corresponds to exactly 2.54 centimeters.

10 inches are 25.40 cm


This chart shows typical tablet sizes, starting with a screen diagonal of 7.9 inches up to the larger models with 12.9 inches. This gives you a better idea of the size ratios and allows you to compare how a tablet with a screen diagonal of 10 inches, i.e., the equivalent of 25.40 centimeters, looks compared to other tablet sizes.

Current tablets have displays between 7 inches and 13 inches

The typical screen sizes for tablets range from 7 inches to 13 inches. The following table shows some of the sizes of tablets available on the market.

Tablet modelScreen diagonalWidthHeight
Apple iPad Air10.2 Inches12.7 cm22.6 cm
Samsung Galaxy Tab A810.5 Inches13.1 cm23.2 cm
Microsoft Surface Pro 813 Inches16.1 cm28.8 cm
Apple iPad Pro 12.912.9 Inches16.1 cm28.6 cm
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE12.4 Inches15.4 cm27.5 cm

How many cm is 10 inches?

10 inches is exactly 25.40 cm in the metric system.

Converter for all inch lengths for Tablets

We have developed a converter that allows you to convert all common formats from inches to cm for Tablets. In this calculator, we have preset your value to 10 inches (equivalent to 25.40 cm) by default.

10 Inches in Different Notations

Different spellings and abbreviations have become common for "inch." The following variants are known to us:

  • 10″ in cm = 25.40 cm (centimeter)
  • 10 in. in cm = 25.40 cm (centimeter)
  • 10 inches in cm = 25.40 cm (centimeter)

Inch Conversion Formula

Admittedly, the conversion from inches to cm is not particularly complicated. If you multiply the 10 inches by the factor 2.54, you get the value in cm:

Length in cm = Length in inches × 2.54

In the concrete case:

25.40 cm = 10 inches × 2.54

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