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Units of length ﹣ 55 inches in cm

The screen size of televisions, monitors and mobile phone displays is always given in inches. This size defines the "length" of the screen diagonal of the TV. However, if the unit of measurement "inch" is not widely used in your country, we would prefer to use the metric system with meters and centimeters. One inch is exactly equal to 2.54 centimeters. So we can deduce immediately:

55 inches in cm is exactly 139.7 cm, or 1.39 meters.

We have developed a converter that allows you to convert all common TV formats from inches to cm.

55-Inch TV: Actual Height and Width in cm

We have now established above that the 55-inch TV has a screen diagonal of approx. 1.40 meters. However, you are probably much more interested in the width and height of the TV. The actual dimensions of the TV are:

Width: 124.1 cm
Height: 71.7 cm
Diagonal: 139.7 cm

Television 55 inches

Recommended Distance for 55-Inch TVs

For your reference, we have also listed in our chart the recommended distance for a 55-inch set. How is the ideal distance between the seat and the TV calculated? Ultimately, it's a matter of personal taste as to how close or far away you want to sit from your TV. It is best to test this in a specialist shop. The screen quality and resolution also play a role in this decision.

In the professional world, however, a rough rule of thumb is used:

Viewing distance = screen diagonal x 2.1

In this particular case, the 55-inch TV has a diagonal of 139.7 cm, so the recommended viewing distance = 139.7 cm * 2.1 = 293 cm = 2 meters and 93 centimeters.

It should be noted, however, that the picture quality also determines the viewing distance. The value given here is only a recommendation. In the past, the individual pixels were relatively large, so a large sitting distance from the TV was advisable in order to create a harmonious overall picture from the pixels. Nowadays, televisions are equipped with much more pixels in both width and height. Since each individual dot is much smaller, the picture is generally sharper, and even small details can be easily displayed and recognised.

Conclusion: Modern TVs with high-resolution screens require a much shorter distance than old models, so you can enjoy a large TV even in a relatively small living room.

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