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Units of length ﹣ 75 inches in cm

A few years ago, televisions with a diagonal of 75 inches were still unthinkable. The prices were extremely high, and the quality was not yet ready for the market. But there is hardly a technical field that is developing as fast as that of television. Today, 75-inch sets are affordable, and the HD quality is outstanding. But now we want to shed some light on this and show you what the actual dimensions of a 75-inch TV are in cm. First, the most important information:

75 inches in cm is exactly 190.5 cm, or 1.90 meters.

Feel free to use our online calculator to compare other TV sizes and make your purchase decision:

75-inch TV: the real dimensions are interesting

We have now learnt that the screen diagonal for 75-inch sets is 190.5 centimeters. Does this device fit perfectly in your living room? How does the landscape of your living room change? You need the actual height and width of the TV set. The actual dimensions are:

Width: 170 cm
Heigth: 85 cm
Diagonal: 190 cm

Now you have the concrete dimensions of a 75-inch TV. If you don’t have a concrete idea yet, a mattress for a bed is usually 200 cm long and 90 cm wide (200 cm x 90 cm). The 75-inch TV is not quite that big, but it's a step in that direction.

TV 75 inches

Recommended seating distance for 75-inch units

The viewing distance depends not only on the size of the device. Often, the screen resolution and the quality of the device are also crucial. We can only make a recommendation here. Ideally, you should test the actual distance in a specialist shop. Take your time and let the quality of the TV sink in. If you want to order the TV online, our recommendation will help you.

There is a rough formula for determining the recommended seating distance:

Viewing distance = screen diagonal x 2.1

In this particular case, the 75-inch TV set has a diagonal of 190.5 cm. Therefore, the recommended viewing distance = 190.5 cm * 2.1 = 400 cm = 4 meters.

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