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Monitors are getting bigger and bigger. In the past, office monitors with a screen size of 17 inches were often used, but advancing technology and the increased use of monitors in the private sphere are leading to larger and larger models. 24", 27", or even 30" are no longer uncommon, especially in the gaming sector. We would like to inform you about the correct dimensions of the devices and help you with your purchase decision. What are the real dimensions of a 24-inch screen? First, the most important information:

24 inches in cm is exactly 60.96 cm

This is the diagonal screen size of the monitor. There are also various 23.8-inch monitors, whose screen diagonal corresponds to 60.45 cm. Feel free to use our online calculator to determine other screen sizes:

The real dimensions of a 24-inch monitor (23.8 inches very comparable)

The actual dimensions of a 24-inch monitor (23.8 inches, very comparable) We have now learnt that the screen diagonal for 24-inch devices is about 61 centimeters. Does this device meet your expectations or fit well in your workplace? You need the actual height and width of the monitor. Is it optimal as a gaming monitor? Important: We assume a 16:9 screen here, and the actual dimensions are:

Width: 53.1 cm
Heigth: 29.8 cm
Diagonal: 61 cm (24")

Monitor size overview

Monitor sizes in comparison

Our size guide provides an overview of the common monitor formats, each based on the 16:9 aspect ratio. Feel free to compare the dimensions of a 24" monitor with those of a 27" monitor or a 30" monitor here.

In addition to the diagonal, the chart also shows the respective screen widths and heights. This information can also be used to determine the screen area in square centimeters (cm²) by multiplying the width and height together. A 24-inch monitor has a screen area of 53.1 cm × 29.8 cm = 1,582.38 square centimeters. The next larger screen monitor, 27 inches, already has an area of 59.5 cm × 33.5 cm = 1,993.25 cm². Therefore, if the desk is large enough and you often work with several programme windows open, it may be worth choosing an even larger screen.

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