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60-inch TV - What are the dimensions in cm?

The size of a television plays a decisive role. Do you experience a relatively boring TV atmosphere or do you almost have a cinema experience? Thus, the choice of the right set should be made very carefully. The budget plays a role, but the size and resolution of the TV are much more crucial. In this article, we will deal with 60-inch TVs. This number seems very abstract at first. What dimensions in cm are behind this statement? The diagonal of a 60-inch screen is 152.4 cm, or 1.52 meters.

Our online calculator will help you find the right size.

How high and wide is the 60-inch TV? The exact dimensions

The screen diagonal is, of course, only one aspect when assessing the actual size. You will want to know whether the width and height of the device will fit in your living room and whether it is also suitable for your viewing distance from the TV. We will be happy to answer these questions for you. As mentioned earlier, the diagonal is 1.52 meters. This results in the following dimensions in cm:

Width: 132 cm
Heigth: 75 cm
Diagonal: 152 cm

TV 60 inches

What is the optimal viewing distance for 60-inch TVs?

Is your living room large enough for such a set? Would a 50-inch or 55-inch TV set be more suitable? The chart above will help guide you. Of course, this is only a rough recommendation. You must decide individually whether the distance between the TV and your seat is suitable for you. Ultimately, the optimal distance also depends on the picture quality of the TV. It is best to test "your" distance in a local TV shop. Get advice and an important tip: take your time when choosing! Get a feel for the distance because after all, it is also a big investment.

The rough rule for the seating distance is:

Seat distance = screen diagonal x 2.1

In this specific case, the 60-inch TV has a diagonal of 152 cm. Therefore, the recommended viewing distance = 152 cm * 2.1 = 319 cm = 3 meters and 19 centimeters.

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